Annual Gas Safety Inspections

Boiler minion

Gas Safety Inspections are a legal requirement for Land-Lords to have done every 12 months, but are often overlooked by home owners.


They differ to boiler services in the way that an MOT is different to a service. A service is to help maintain your vehicle or boiler, a safety inspection is similar to an MOT in the sense that it is a check of the overall safety of the vehicle or, in this case, the entire gas installation.

We check and test that the gas meter and gas pipework meets regulations and is leak free, and all gas appliances with in the home (hobs/cookers/fires etc) as well as the boiler, for safe operation.

These take around 30 mins depending on the number of appliances to check and address any issues that may be present, but unlike an MOT, this is not a pass or fail test, it is simply a report on the health of the gas system and appliances.

If something is unsafe we will advise you of the actions to be taken and any additional costs.

Our gas safety inspections start from £80.00 for the meter, pipe work and boiler, plus £30.00 per additional appliances such as hobs/cooker/fires etc.