Fixed price boiler swaps

The prices given in our boiler swap guides are for a straight boiler swap, meaning removal of the existing boiler, supply and fitting of a new boiler in the same place using existing flue-hole and includes a standard flue, magnetic system filter, chemical clean, rinse and system inhibitor, slight alterations of the immediate pipework, commissioning, Gas-Safe notification, warranty registration and, of course, our legendary after care service! Along with the boiler you may also require such things as new, boiler plus compliant controls, Thermostatic Radiator Valves, and/or a system flush, options for these are also given.

They do not include such things as alterations from other systems, pumps, motorised valves, storage/F+E tanks/expansion vessels or cylinders (vented or unvented), any upgrade to the gas supply from the meter or installation of condensate waste.

Please see our detailed technical specifications below.

Preparation: Dust sheets and floor coverings will be used to protect your property and belongings where required. We trust that the gas meter, mains water stopcock the existing Boiler area will all be made accessible prior to our arrival on the day of the installation. The existing boiler will be removed, and all redundant materials and equipment will be disposed of responsibly by a trusted and licensed waste removal company. Please note that the disposal/removal of any asbestos has not been allowed for.

It is assumed that all joints within the heating and hot water system are sound, unfortunately we cannot take responsibility for any weeps or leaks on existing pipework that we have not supplied, fitted, repaired or worked on.

New Boiler: To supply and install an A-rated, boiler plus compliant boiler: The new boiler will be located in the existing location; the flue will terminate using a rear or side exiting horizontal flue utilising the existing hole. The flue will be sealed inside and out.

We will be re-connecting on to the existing heating circuits and the Gas Supply, we have not accounted for a gas line upgrade (if required-see below). The condensate waste pipe will be taken into the nearest suitable waste pipe.

Electrics: We will be utilising the existing spur for the new boiler. Any additional wiring will be completed by our fully qualified electrical team. Any cross bonding that may be required, including earthing of gas and water supplies, which do not conform to IEE regulations, will be notified to the client.

Gas Supply: To establish as necessary a sufficient gas supply from the gas meter position to the boiler ensuring the required gas pressure is achieved in compliance with the Manufacturer’s Specifications and British Standards. Upgrades to the gas supply pipe are not included and will need to be quoted for.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves: All new combi boiler installations require Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV’s) to comply with regulations, but are advisable for all systems. These control individual radiator temperature for comfort and efficiency. These pay for themselves time and time again over their lifetime.

Boiler-Plus Compliant Controls: If your existing heating controls were fitted before April 2018 they may not be compliant with the new Boiler-Plus regulations. We offer a range of options from a cost effective ESi 7-day programmable room stat, manufacturer specific models, Hive or Nest 3rd Gen smart controls (we are Nest-Pro approved installers).

TRV’s and controls are additional extras and priced separate.

System Cleaning & Protection: This activity is very important, cleaning all systems is where many companies cut corners and just don’t bother with which can be a costly future issue. All new systems must be cleaned properly after any installation or alteration work, failure to do so will impact on the longevity of the boilers life, efficiency of the system and it may also invalidate the manufacturers warranty. 90% of all system boiler failures can be attributed to corrosion and dirty system water.

Standard Flush Option: If your existing boiler is in working order, we will add cleaning chemicals to the system and flush prior to work starting. If we are replacing a faulty/broken boiler we will add cleaner once the system has been refilled, and tested for soundness. In either case, once the system has been on a hot flush cycle, we will drain down, rinse out, refill and add Inhibitor/protection chemicals. This is included as standard and are required under BS 7539:2019, but if we recommend this after a water test, we cannot be held responsible for any warranty issues that mat arise in the future.

For our full range of other flushes please visit our page on flush options. You will receive a 20% discount on the advertised prices if taken out at the same time as your install.

Magnetic System Filters: Once the system has been cleaned and protective chemicals are added, sludge and debris can start to slowly build up again, adding a magnetic filter offers continuous protection, and will help stop this entering the boiler by capturing and trapping any build up that may occur and should be cleaned during the annual service. These are now required to be fitted on all new installations under BS7539:2019 We supply a generic filter as standard, but can be upgraded to an Adey/Spirotech/Fernox if required (except in the cases of the Ideal Logic and Vogue MAX editions which come complete with an Ideal filter, required for extended warranty).
Commissioning, Testing & Notification: Once the installation is complete, the boiler and the system will be purged of air, tested fully and commissioned in accordance with the manufacturers specifications. The Benchmark book and Gas Safety Certificate will be completed and issued in compliance with the Gas Safety Regulations and manufacturer’s instructions.

We will notify Gas Safe register & your local building control office that your installation has been carried out in compliance with current Part L building regulations and also complete the warranty registration with the manufacturer.

Finishing Touches: At the end of the installation is all of the finer finishing touches – all internal holes or gaps will be filled flat with white filler, all external holes or gaps will be filled with fire-rated foam and/or mortared. Once all of the work is complete, the dust-sheets and/or protective covers will be lifted carefully and removed from the property, all of the areas that we have worked in will then be cleaned, surfaces wiped down and floors hoovered or swept. We always attempt to leave a property in the same (or better)condition than we found it!!

Warranty: All works completed by us carry a full 12 months parts and labour warranty, the boiler will be supplied with a manufacturer’s fully comprehensive parts and labour warranty (durations vary depending on manufacturer and model)

Continued After Care: We advise that you contact us first should any issues arise. We are happy to return, in most cases it is something simple that we can deal with to get you up and running again. In the unlikely event it is something more serious, we will contact the manufacturer on your behalf to book in for a warranty repair. Most warranty call outs attended by the manufactures engineers are either the same or next working day. We will also remind you 30 days before your annual service is due to give plenty of time to book in a convenient date and time. Annual services are required to maintain the manufacturers warranty.

Items to note when comparing quotes: Sections of this can be a very difficult area to cover and explain fully. The main reason being is that comparing prices isn’t the only factor, nor is it just the quality of work, or the delivery, it’s the whole package. While we understand that we will not be the cheapest quote, all of our work is carried out to a cost effective yet exceptional standard, using only high quality materials and/or genuine parts ensuring the best possible results – we don’t just fit and run, we want to able to be maintain your heating system over the coming years and be your go-to heating company who you would be happy to recommend to friends and family.

Which boiler is best for me?  As a rough guide, for the heating requirements, smaller houses and flats, with up to 10, average size radiators a 24 to 28kw combi boiler would be installed. For a medium to large 3-4 bedroom houses with up to 15 average size radiators a 28-40kw combi boiler would be needed. Things to also consider are the incoming flow rates to the property (this is not pressure). If you have flow rates of say 16 litres per minute then a 24kw is not powerful enough to heat the water to the desired/required temps and a 40kw would be more suitable. If you are happy with the performance of the current boiler then the size can be found on the boiler case itself or on/in the manual, if you are unsure we can come and survey the property and talk through your best options. If you plan on having or have 2 or more bath/shower outlets that could be running at the same time, an unvented cylinder and boiler would be more suitable.

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